About Artha Beekshan

(Journal of the Bengal Economic Association)
Reg. No. 53099/92; ISSN No. 0972-1185

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Artha Beekshan, the Journal of Bengal Economic Association (Bangiya Arthaniti Parishad) is the official publication of the Association that aims to publish original, high quality and reflective , both theoretical and empirical , research articles in the area of Economics and allied social sciences. The journal was initially titled, 'Arthasastra' and it started its journey in 1983 and continued up to 1991 when its name was changed to the present one for registration requirements. The aim of the Journal is to provide a scholastic platform to researchers, academicians, and professionals associated with the field of Economics in West Bengal, India and the world over, that fulfils as well the objective of the Bengal Economic Association towards dissemination of ever emerging ideas in the socio-economic field through this quarterly referred journal. The journal aims not only to focus on contemporary issues in India or abroad, but to impact directly on decision-making processes in the concerned field. Research papers dealing in the emergent field of economics, keeping in consonance with new technology with policy ramifications, are also published here to act as a resource for the policy makers.

Artha Beekshan has over the years been in the front stage where research in alternative models for Economics have been presented and debated. It continues to promote interdisciplinary studies over the issues of theoretical, practical, and historical importance in deciphering the issues and problems in Economics, their interrelation with other embedded social variables. In 2013, the journal was selected by ICSSR as belonging to the set of top 210 social science journals in India, and is being indexed regularly.